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Aquaflow systems has solid expertise in waste water management, providing safer, environmental friendly and an economically feasible treatment of wastewater for various industries. We undertake turnkey projects and are actively involved in installation and commissioning of treatment plants in line with international standards and norms.

1. Effluent treatment plant(ETP):

1. Primary treatment

  • Physical-chemical treatment

2. Secondary treatment

  • Biological treatment
  • Anaerobic digester treatment

3. Activated sludge process System

4. Sludge treatment

2. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP):

Sewage treatment plant used for removal of organic load by using activated sludge process. Our systems are combines all the advantages and best features of trickling filters, rotating biological contractors, activated sludge process and submerged fixed film reactors while eliminating the drawbacks of these systems. The plants are more compact and more energy efficient.

3. Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD):

Zero liquid discharge systems ensures essentially no discharge of plants into the environment, and in this process, recovery of water grains primary importance. This recovered water can be reused. Zero discharge systems consist mainly of strippers, multiple effect evaporators, and agitated thin film dryer (ATFD) among other equipment.

4. Water treatment plant (WTP):

It helps in filtering out contaminated water with precision and ensuring sound flow of fresh and pure water. Aquaflowsystems has the expertise to install and commission them effectively to ensure their performance, and longer functional life.

5. Common Effluent Treatment Plnat (CETP’s):

The concept of common effluent treatment plant has been accepted as a solution for collecting, conveying, treating, and disposing of the effluents from the industrial estates. The effluent include industrial wastewaters and domestic sewage generated from the estate. This CETP concept helps small and medium scale industries to dispose of their effluents. Otherwise it may not be economical for these industries to treat their wastewaters or there may be space constraints. Some of these industries may require to give preliminary treatment (for removal of solids) so that the receiving sewers can be maintained free flowing. It may be required to correct pH or removal of specific pollutant before the industry discharges in CETP.

6. Leachate treatment Plant (LTP)

The objective of the LTP is to stabilize the de-composable organic matter present in the domestic landfill so as to produce an effluent and sludge, which can be disposed of into the environment without causing health hazard and nuisance.